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 West Javan art is unique as a sign of customs 

The  existence of  West Javan art has long  been a leader in local potential since  the  memorial.Ancestors The various local arts  passed on are  still preserved  today,  and the  culture in the region is known to the wider community.  Yes, they have  always been an inherent identity.

In all regions of Indonesia  , their own cultures and customs must be highlighted   by their  own identity . All parts are involved, and  the  various arts born  are  still sustainable at any time, in addition to preserving  the local culture  .  It  can be used as a tourist attraction.

For visitors to this  area, they are certainly  no strangers to a variety of outstanding performances,  and public  entertainment  so  far  respects customs. It is not  surprising  that people can learn  of  this cultural development because   the  region is so large  that it will never fade  later Jehovah’s Witnesses

Many people  want to know more  about West German art because it makes a difference. Thus, the following list  of arts   must be quoted  as a reference to cultural perspective.     It should be used.

  Wayan Goluck art tradition  becomes community performance

In ancient Times  , in Indonesia,  there was no such high-tech technology in people’s  lives;  in  an effort  to find entertainment, there were a  wide variety of entertainment It is not surprising that local art is always disclosed, and a  variety  of instruments can be used and used  to attract  the public.

Various forms of art media  are still being performed by hand .  At  that time , a performance told puppet media to tell stories Depending on the culture,   the ancestors also  told a wide variety of stories based on  myths told by  generations.

In  addition to using stories and myths  to  enter the exhibition, it is also known that comedy is often   used so often that locals can enjoy comedy  , and  from the past, comedy has  been performed for every audience to laugh.

In fact, Wayan Gollak, who has become a distinctive art form  , has  a style that resembles a young human  being,  but more during the performance period. Of  course, the  Wayne Gaelic style  is  composed of its characteristics  to be different,  and  to get to  know every character in the image It is also used to make it easier for the audience.

Every puppy must   have   its own  characteristics  associated with carrying  a track gollet  as a  controller. Some have  gained popularity  if they can invite gravity during performances   because   there is    still this artistic form .  It will always be  a favourite.

Sisingaan is often used as a show for some traditional events

 Continuing discussion of other West Javan arts knows that   each  episode has something to present according to  its customs In  addition to being a scene, it is  also known that  various arts are used to preserve culture   in society. By following development, you can certainly provide a unique feeling while enjoying the show.

Here, it  will be  explained in   detail about the popular   Sisingaan all the time:  Sissingen can be found at some events  with  the intention  of  keeping someone’s  celebration alive  .   Residents who hold a ceremony, will  hold a Sceingaan  to commemorate as a moment of a lifetime.

Usually when a boy  celebrates circumcision   or   circumcision   immediately  , he  performs morning  performances once  in a lifetime , so  many citizens  want to have a special event  for their child . Tradition  is usually stretched out in the form of a lion .   It is often done by creating a  convoy.

During the convoy  of West Javan art,  the child would be raised by a fake lion . Later ,  near  where they lived . Children  celebrating  in one area  will be taken away, and it  is  also   intended  to help locals know  that the child has committed circumcision  .

To   this day,  Sceingaan’s tradition is still preserved to commemorate once in a  child’s life.  When a ceremony is held, it can  also include the preservation  of  culture  , so how long does the  traditional style from the side  never  last?  It will not fade away .

Anglo-Music Art in Local Musical Instruments

Looking at the times on the schedule ,  local activities  can certainly be obtained   in a variety of  ways  .  In the previous discussion  ,  you will be able to exemplify  Wayne and S . This time, however,   the art of music is also   closely  linked to West Java art culture.

As    a form of entertainment  in the lives of the locals  , music has always  been created so that they can enjoy  the sound of songs. Many  locals  feel that life  without  music  feels  like a lack of color.

When you know the art of music in the West Java region,  you are no stranger to the lungs; this kind  of  instrument always appears  in the performance of citizens to become   music,  usually found  on a game  to create  a  distinctive  sound as a musical  accessory.

Anchorage is made of bamboo  , which is designed in  a way that allows sounds to be   played when it trembles  .   In general,  Angklung instrumental players involve a  lot of people simultaneously to create a variety of  sounds.

Because Anklong is a musical instrument, it   means that  the instrument has a tone when played  correctly.    In other  words , Anglo-American music  has  always been preserved in modern times  .

Showing off horse as favourite culture

Because it is popular  in discussing another   traditional  entertainment issue, it cannot be separated from the  prevalence of  horses.  From the past until now,  this kind of entertainment has always been sought and demanded by the public.

West German art dance,   called West Javanese Art Dance, immediately   includes many elements in presenting hiburan. One of the features  of  this traditional phenomenon is the  extreme    shown by the dancers.  It is in the scenes  .

Initially   , the  dancers  will   perform a special custom  for the first time since the start of  the music  . When they are ready , the  dancer  will use a special website He will begin his movement by riding a horse made  , and within a short time he will have the dancer  and show  off dangerous scenes at the heart of the exhibition.

Often when the    assistant owns  the dancer , he starts eating glass and lamps .  Although the  scene is very dangerous , the dancer will not be slightly injured during the scene  .  In fact, logically speaking  the  property      When experiencing it, there  must be a potential hazard to the dancer’s body.

According to local custom,  dancers studied the science of ineptitude and found  strength when they belonged, but the horses remained popular and the country was still popular. In that way, the heritage   traditions  of  West Java art  from    their ancestors will never fade.

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