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West Java Cireng recipe can be created as you like

Resep cireng typical of West Java many people try to find it.   Cireng’s processed food has long held a place in the hearts of foodies. This processed food, of course, has its own history of development, until today it is created in various other types of preparations.

But there are actually some special tricks that you really have to understand well to succeed in making delicious cireng. Usually the problem that is often found is when the condition of the cireng is cold, then it becomes hard, so it is difficult to eat. Of course, this can happen because the treatment process is not right.

It is not enough to apply the West Javanese cireng recipe correctly, but you still need to know various other exact ways. That way, the circle you make will definitely not fail and can be enjoyed as an interesting snack in the afternoon. Besides, this snack is actually very interesting to try, although many people have  sold it on the market.

History of Cireng West Java Snacks

In fact, this cireng has been around since about 1970 and is used as a roadside snack at this time. The vendors are street vendors, so they can easily be found in many places. The processing of this food is also basically very simple because it is only from tapioca flour, fried and then served with the addition of its signature seasoning.

But usually typical foods from different regions of Indonesia have their own stories that are also interesting for you to know. In the West Java area, especially Bandung, it is known that many types of snacks come from tapioca camel raw materials, in addition to cireng. Even these foods are also famous in various other regions.

At that time, it was quite difficult for people in the West Java area to get food ingredients like bread, wheat, for rice. Therefore, they are looking for ways to make snacks that are well accepted by different walks of life. From there, the West Javanese cireng recipe  was made for the first time.

This food was chosen because the basic ingredient is tapioca flour, which is processed from cassava. So, the longer it takes, the more processed cassava flour becomes a variety of snacks, of course,  attractive and affordable for the surrounding community to get. For example, those that are widely known, such as cimol, seblak, silok and others.

A distinctive feature of this food is that it uses abbreviations as naming. This is commonly done because of the tendency for people’s thought patterns in West Java to be simpler and simpler. In this way, choosing to give an abbreviated name to the food is as if one of them is this cireng.

Recipe for Making Simple Cireng Snacks

In fact, many West Javanese cireng recipes have  evolved, but you need to pay close attention to which one is the most appropriate. Of course, later it is also related to the success of the manufacturing process later. So you can try to apply the recipe that is considered the most appropriate to be used as the mainstay of homemade food.

You need to mix starch, all-purpose flour and sliced leeks until smooth. Then it is also added with celery and fine garlic as an additional flavoring. You can also give additional flavors, pepper and salt as seasoning, so the taste of cireng becomes more stable.

The mixture must be kneaded with warm water and stirred gently. You need to make sure that the West Javanese cireng recipe dough  is well mixed and completely smooth. Next, just form the dough that is ready to become a flat shape or according to your respective creations and desires so that the result is also unique.

Once done, just fry the dough with hot oil. In fact, it is quite easy and you can add rojak, sambel or other sauces to each flavor as a companion when eating cireng later. It will definitely be even more interesting if you can find your own creations for cocolan.

Tricks to do Cireng without errors

Of course, in the typical West Java cireng recipe , there is a secret that you can try to apply so that later the results do not fail. In this case, of course, it is more about the technique of processing the dough until it is fried so that later it does not become hard. So later it can be eaten comfortably by anyone, especially accompanied by a slightly spicy cocolan, so it is more delicious.

To make a mixture of dough, it is a good idea to use warm water. This suggestion aims to make the dough more optimally mixed, and later it can be like glue. This is a great dough produced to make the cireng delicious and does not manage to be hard, even if it is already in a cold state after frying.

Also, avoid stirring the dough for too long, as this will also make it harder. Just make sure the dough is made until smooth, just to taste. In addition, you also need to make sure that the West Javanese cireng recipe you make is actually the right dosage so that it can produce a flavor according to each expectation.

Another trick that you can try when shaping the dough into rounds is to sprinkle your hands with flour. This method will help you be lighter when forming and not feeling hot in your hands. If you want the result to be crispier later, you can also sprinkle the finished dough again with tapioca flour before frying. Don’t forget to also make sure the oil is really hot and make a deep frying technique on the dough.

Unique and interesting Cireng recipe creations

Currently, there are many new different processed creations from  the basic West Java cireng recipes that exist. In this way, of course, you also have many opportunities to develop according to each taste. Cocolan, or soup used as a friend of this cireng-processed, also varies, ranging from rojak seasoning, super-spicy chili sauce, seblak soup to meatball soup.

Even today, what is largely done is not only the cocolan or soup that is created, but also the addition to the cireng dough. You can make rice cireng or stuffed cireng, which will get additional ingredients like chicken, sausage, tofu, for fish. It all depends on how you get creative with the recipe and make a new preparation of this tapioca flour ingredient.

It will definitely be a lot of fun if you find a typical cireng recipe from West Java and then much liked by others. Of course, this can be a promising business opportunity that is also profitable for you to develop. Have your own modern cireng recipe as a creation in the kitchen that can also be enjoyed by those closest to you.

This snack is actually good to enjoy along with tea or other drinks while gathering with family or other close relatives. It even becomes a promising business opportunity if you can treat it well. So there is no need to stick to the existing traditional West Javanese cireng recipe , but try to discover new things from this popular snack.

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