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West Java Uduk Rice recipe and its complementary dishes

Currently, there are many variants of West Javanese nasi uduk recipes for you to   choose from. But, of course, just one original recipe will not be lifelike. Of course, this one recipe is one that you must    try, because it contains legendary flavors typical of the ancestors of the Sundanese tribe in the past.

Nasi uduk is one of the typical West Javanese dishes that you  can easily find. Right now, there are plenty of typical Sundanese restaurants that provide this for you  – but there’s  nothing wrong with   trying to make the same menu in your respective homes.

But making this uduk rice requires patience. There are so many steps you need  to  follow carefully to get a delicious taste of uduk rice. But do not worry, because here we will discuss them in detail for you.

Nasi Uduk is considered a great dish in West Java

In fact, this uduk rice is part of the West Javanese tradition. Therefore, not everyone can  understand the West Javanese nasi uduk recipe well . Only some people understand this well.

In West Java itself, this uduk rice is usually served at various sacred events, such as weddings, gyrations, house thanksgivings, dignitaries of buildings, and so on. There are usually many people who participate in making this uduk rice themselves.

Of course, the sections made are also very large. But if  you  do it for your own use, then the method is not too difficult. This time, we’ll discuss how to complete it, along with supplemental menu variants usually served in it. Arbitrary? Check out the explanation to the end!

How to Make a Typical West Java Uduk Rice Recipe

Of course, to make this uduk rice, the first thing  you  need to prepare is its ingredients. Also, make sure that the ingredients used are clean and hygienic. Right off the bat, here’s the explanation.

Essential ingredients

  1. 300 grams the kings
  2. Llaeth Coconyt 450 ml
  3. 2 pieces of young bay leaf
  4. 2 glôf
  5. 2 Ffyn Lemonwellt Bride
  6. 2 cm Sinamon
  7. 1 pupur llwy of
  8. 1 llwy de o halen

How it’s done

If you have prepared all these ingredients  , we can go straight to the stage of  making  this West Javanese udex rice recipe. Please apply to follow the steps below in sequence.

  1. Wash the rice thoroughly. Also wash other materials that will be used in the manufacturing process
  2. Boil the coconut milk that you prepared before. Also cover with bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves, crushed lemongrass, salt and pepper.
  3. Stir everything thoroughly until completely dispersed. Keep stirring until the combination of spices and seasonings boils.
  4. Put the rice you previously washed in the coconut milk and boiled spices.
  5. Keep steaming until the rice is cooked and stir.
  6. Once cooked, serve in an adequate container

To add flavor, you can also spread fried onions, sliced red chilli and cucumber on top of the nasi uduk. Besides making it look beautiful, it will increase  your appetite.

It is the process of making uduk rice that you can  follow. It may seem easy, but making   the West Javanese nasi uduk recipe often fails  if you don’t follow the predetermined steps. So make sure you are careful when taking the steps.

Tips y ang Do when making uduk rice

There are some tips you can make if you   want to make this uduk rice recipe. First, be sure to choose quality rice. Unconditional rice often doesn’t make the seasonings you   put into it.

Not only that, but also to make sure that you choose thick coconut milk. Choosing this thick coconut milk will make the taste of a West Javanese nasi uduk recipe that will make you more salty and tasty   . But vice versa, if you choose diluted coconut milk, the flavor that appears will obviously not be too salty.

The smell that appears strong will not appear strong either.  Kamu can  choose pressed coconut milk from real coconut. Do not opt for instant coconut milk in the store. The quality is sometimes not what you imagined. There are usually many coconut traders in the market who provide crushed coconuts in this way.

West Java Uduk Rys Complementary Menu

The West Javanese nasi uduk recipe certainly won’t be perfect if you don’t finish it with complementary dishes   . There are many menus complementing nasi uduk that you can choose from now   . Let’s discuss one by one how this is done.

  1. Fried Chicken


  1. Chickens 1 head, cut to taste
  2. Vegetable oil 3 tablespoons
  3. Kokoswater 500 ml
  4. 2-piece lourierblaar
  5. Orange leaves 2 pieces
  6. Galangal a bruddiwyd i’w flasu


  1. 8 grain onion
  2. Garlleg 4 naeltjies
  3. Pekanneut 4 grains
  4. 1/4 teaspoon pepper particles
  5. Saves 1 cm
  6. Hen Diwmerig 3 cm
  7. siwgr brown 20 gram
  8. Get 2 llwy de

How to do :

After preparing these  ingredients, you should go through the steps to make a supplement to this West Javanese udex rice recipe as follows:

  1. Wash the prepared chicken
  2. Puree all spices, sauté until they emit perfume.
  3. Place bay leaf, galangal, orange leaf and lemongrass. Stir until completely spread.
  4. Place the previously cleaned chicken, stir with spices
  5. Pour coconut water, cover the pan and leave the spices to infuse into it.
  6. Wait for the chicken bites to gently come.
  7. Remove and drain.
  8. Heat the cooking oil, fry the raised chicken until it colors kecok e latan.
  9. Drain, or lay out on the previously cooked udukrys.
  10. Oreg Tempeh Sych


  1. Tempeh Board 1, cutting games
  2. 1 piece of red pepper, thinly sliced
  3. 4-piece curly chilli, cut into a piece
  4. Galangal bruises 2 cm long
  5. Ginger break 2 cm
  6. Young bay leaf only 1
  7. Fresh orange leaves 3 pieces
  8. 3 tablespoons chopped brown sugar can also be replaced with sweet soy sauce
  9. Shallots 5 cereals, thinly sliced
  10. Garlic 3 clofsen, thinly sliced
  11. Tamarind water 1/2 sendok when
  12. Halen i’w flasu
  13. Cooking oil to taste

How to do :

  1. After you have prepared all the above ingredients , we can now proceed to making a dish that  complements this  West Javanese nasi uduk recipe. Follow the steps below.
  2. Fry the tempeh that you cut dry  . The degree of dryness can be adjusted according to individual tastes. Then remove and drain.
  3. Saute the sliced onions until they emit a fragrant smell. Then put in other spices such as chilli, orange leaf, bay leaf and galangal. Pour with a small amount of water.
  4. After that, also put tamarind water and brown sugar. Finally, put the salt. Cook to a boil, correct flavor.
  5. Put the dried fried tempeh in it. Stir until caravansizing and applying each spice. Remove and serve.

The combination of nasi uduk and its complementary dishes will undoubtedly make the family at home much more enthusiastic when eating. Also remember to serve sambal uduk which is just right for the family. To avoid mistakes, remember to follow the steps  to sequence this West Javanese nasi uduk recipe.

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